How to check your card balance and associated information

Summary: Buying a prepaid card is not everything, you have to use it properly. You have to make sure that you know how to check the balance.

Limit your expenses

As they say, ‘One card Million options!”, Vanilla prepaid card allows you to do so many things you can’t even imagine. Shopping is one of the most important things that we spend lots of money on. People that are shopaholics, do not end up using every piece of product they have bought! So they end up wasting a lot of money. But the concept of prepaid cards will save these people. If you know you do not have much, you will stop wasting money. This is the concept of prepaid cards. It will be your budgeting tool and will save you time and your money at the same time.

Gift Card Balance

Check the website for further details

In case of prepaid cards, you have to deposit money in your card. Lots of such categories are available. You can choose as per your wish. If you want to buy such cards, you can check the Vanilla prepaid card options available online. With every card you can get some associated features as well. Before stepping out for a card you need to know about the advantages you are going to get with the card. Everything is explained well in the website. Choose a card as per your requirement. This will help you to limit your spending spree and saving your money to good extent. Make sure that you choose the card as per your requirement.

How to check balance

You must wonder how you are going to know the Vanilla prepaid card balance? The user has the option to check the balance online. Go to and check your card balance. You can call on the free number given in the website as well. The operator will check the balance on your card and will let you know. Before you step out buying something, it is absolutely necessary that you know how much balance you have in your card. The merchant you shop from doesn’t have the option to check the balance for you. So you need to do it on your own. If the price of the product you are going to buy is more than your card balance, it will deny during the payment.

The balance doesn’t expire!

Like all the other debit cards, these cards also have an expiry date. Do not fear that once your card expires your Vanilla prepaid card balance will also expire! You just need to make sure that you know the date when the card is going to expire. You just need to contact the customer care service through their contact number and ask them for a replacement. They will send you another card with the same balance you had in your previous card.

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