Try Vannamei Cooked Prawns for your next party

Try Vannamei Cooked Prawns for your next party

Seafood comes in a wide range of varieties. And, as marine life is as large and distinct as terrestrial life, there is so much to explore. But, seafood, after it is farmed, should be placed under optimal temperature lest it gets spoiled and wasted.

With All Big, you need not worry about that because they use specially designed vehicles to deliver the seafood right to your doorstep. These vans are equipped with preset temperature conditions to keep the seafood fresh and intact. It is an extremely known brand in Singapore that ships all over Singapore with absolutely zero shipping charges after a minimum spend of $60.

Why are  they popular among the customers?

Frozen seafoods provide convenience to customers because they remain fresh for a longer duration of time. These are also packed with the best quality ingredients and hygiene standards so that they taste sweet, delicate, and tender every time you eat them. These premium quality products can simply be defrosted and then cooked by a variety of methods according to the specific likes of the customers. Some like to fry them, some would prefer to microwave whereas others would boil them in a soup. In whatever form they are cooked, they always taste the best because of their supreme quality that is systematically curated by vannamei prawns suppliers


Vannamei Cooked Prawns are famous all over Asia for their taste and texture. They are very versatile food items that can be enjoyed all throughout the year. All Big does not remove the head and shell to provide you with 100% organic and natural quality. They are perfect basically for any kind of party because certainly what is a party without food.

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