LeSo’s East Side Mural

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The Mural:

LeSo gallery Mural 2 Small - MrTaylor

LeSo gallery Mural Straight on 3 small - MrTaylor


The Process:

In July of 2013, LeSo Gallery, located on the east side of Toledo, Ohio, raised money through Kickstarter to complete a mural among other goals. This video shows the gallery’s east wall coming to life with the artwork of Mr.Taylor, a Toledo born and based artist.

Video produced by Bradley Scherzer.


The Artist:

Mr.Taylor, one half of the artists responsible for the “Toledo Loves Love” wall, created this stunning mural on LeSo’s east wall. A graduate of BGSU and a Toledo native, Mr.Taylor is doing his part to beautify the region with his art. LeSo and the community could not be more thrilled to have it as a part of our lives in East Toledo.

See more of his work here


Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 6.01.01 PM


The Unveiling:

Unveiling Small LeSo Mural Small


The Kickstarter Goal:

A Visually Stunning Mural by Mr.Taylor

Mural Concept Drawing 03 - MrTaylor

Mr.Taylor’s sketch for the mural

The artist of the famous “Toledo Loves Love” wall, Matt Taylor, has agreed to design and paint a fantastic mural on the east wall of the LeSo Gallery building. He has an undeniable dedication to the arts and a proven track record of producing bold and intricate work. Learn more about the artist here. The money raised will provide Mr. Taylor all of the necessary supplies to make this dream a reality and make a genuine impact on the community.

Mr. Taylor discusses his work during a school field trip with, LeSo partner, Bradley Scherzer’s 2nd grade art classes:

More about our Kickstarter here


Our Generous Donors:

Hope Community Church

Unison Behavioral Health Group

Hillary Earp

Jules Webster

Kurt Harrington

Mary Larkin

Claudia Wolfe St. Clair

Aaron Soboleski

Michelle Huckleberry

Andrew Newby

Keith Sparrow

Katerina Ruedi Ray

Greg Harrison

Lynn Ackerson

Heather Neal

William Horvath II

Amanda Emans

Mary Gaynier

Lauren Consolo Smith

Elisa Overstake

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Lisa Olsson

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Chris Brenna

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Streetspun Yarnbombing

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Nicole Brandstrup

Joel Washing

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Ian J. Welch & Kim Zeigler for donating artwork as bonus rewards for backers