Singapore Leather Crafting Techniques to know

Leather is a material that is very versatile and there is a great deal of things you could create from leather. Leather crafts ranges from belts, key chains to leather bags and other accessories. Kits and leather craft books offer a great deal of crafts ideas that are superior and patterns. There are several techniques Mentioned in leather crafts publications which are used. One of the currently dyeing; this entails using alcohol dyes, shoe polish can be utilized as a substitute in dyeing and in maintaining leather.

leather crafting singapore

Technique is painting. In Leather painting remains on the surface unlike where is absorbed by the leather in dyeing. In this technique paint is used. Carving is another technique Professionals and hobbyist alike who are sited in leather craft publications. This leather crafting singapore technique involves metal implements used to leather to make a three dimensional appearance in a two dimensional surface. The tools are knife, pear cam, beveler, seeder, veiner, shader and background tools. Craftsmen utilize punch type tools which are struck with nylon, wooden or rawhide mallet.

Technique is currently stamping. This Technique requires using stamps or tools to create an imprint. Normally striking the stamps in water damped leather surface creates the imprints on the surface of the leather. Water leaves the surface of the leather to compress the designs. To create the imprint prevent the fibers and the leather is treated to make it water proof.

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