Where to Find Stonehenge Monuments plus Facts?

There are other Standing Hinge and Stones Monuments apart from Stonehenge you understand. They are dotted all around the south of England. You can see them north into Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have heard all kinds but we do not think you will need to get caught up to enjoy seeing with them. Stonehenge is the most famous of the stone circles. One reality that is interesting is it is not though, a hinge. Let’s get the boring technical stuff over with Hinges are, strictly speaking, circular or oval spaces which are defined by means of a bank with an internal ditch so the dirt bank likely came from the interior ditch. Soon all of the circles they discovered were dubbed hinges. Then archeologists discovered that Stonehenge does not have the traditional bank and ditch of what is currently considered a hinge monument. So it is Stonehenge an excellent example of a stone circle but not a hinge.

You do not want to know all if you enjoy looking for and locating ancient monuments, there are loads of hinges, standing stones and stone circles to go to in the up and beyond. Get a map which marks out areas of interest and meander out to the country side. You may discover that this is a hook for travel; however you are going to see villages although some are remote. There are several Hinge monuments and other Neolithic sites in the Stonehenge Historic Landscape that is also referred to as the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

Where to Find Stonehenge Monuments plus Facts?

There are burial mounds like the West Kenneth Long Barrow. And there is Tilbury Hill a massive manmade hill of unknown intent.Stonehenge is loved by us but our favorite rock circle is Avebury that is incidentally, a hinge. It is about 20 miles north of Stonehenge. You walk feeling unique. The stones wrap a village around. The Red Lion Pub really sits inside the circle stop and has a pint.

Beyond this rich Landscape in Wiltshire, England it is possible to discover hinge monuments.  Scotland has many Websites, standing stones, stone rows, stone circles, cairns and hillforts. Cornwall is another Place for hinges and standing stones. Park and walk to the website named Men andTolla 3 stone alignment; the Centre stone is a ring big enough to crawl through. All types of legends related to that one. Wales has burial chambers and standing stones. If you get into this, you can go searching for stone monuments in Italy and Ireland. And France has some amazing alignments and standing stones deserving a tripWhet your appetite for Hinge monuments with Avebury and Stonehenge; you could realize that looking for all those Civic Memorials gets you travel to places you would not see.

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